1984 book cover A fictional bone chillingly accurate story of a dystopian community authored by George Orwell. This particular novel is definitely a fantastic read. Orwell describes a imaginary anti-utopian world that is insanely believable.The story grips your focus from the first sentence to the final word. A hard hitting fiction on Propaganda and the lengths our government will go to for control; 1984 delves into this heavily set fear of being monitered legally.
Our Protagonist Winston Smith follows through with the propaganda,whilst rebelling, and trying to expr1984ess himself as an individual. In this totalitarian government your thoughts and ideas could get you killed.Intimacy without marraige is also punishable by death in this world. A complete lack of privacy that we humans have a very difficult time accepting as a possibility. It is a strongly recommended read for students age 15 and up. Whether you want a good sci fi or just a new book to enjoy,1984 will not disappoint.

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Adriana Rios