Since the beginning of the smartphone everyone has wondered which smart phone is better for use on a everyday basis. While most people prefer to use the simple yet intuitive interface of the Iphone many apple-iphone-6s_7840-1500x1000others prefer the more complex layout and interface of androids. If someone likes to customize their stuff then android is the way to go because it can be customized almost to the core, anything from changing the lock screen, the launcher, even the font, most things can be done. All of that can be done right when the phone is taken out of the box. The iphone can do the same things but it has to be jailbroken before that, which is a fairly simple task but some people don’t want to risk it, so in that case a android phone seems like the better choice for someone who wants to customize their phone. Also a android can be granted even more galaxy-s7-edge-stillfreedom by rooting it (the equivalent to jailbraking on a iphone) after the process being done the user can boost the speed of the phone faster than it was before, also have features that weren’t to be used before like the newest updates features. they are both really fast now but the fact that the iphone has a more simple design it allows smoother movements without using much of its power. Both have very great cameras now adays so that doesn’t really matter much. I guess it just comes down to what the user prefers.


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