Two weeks ago on a Thursday, Twitch started streaming all of Bob Ross’ former show “The Joy of Painting.” They streamed all 403 episodes. The stream started on what would be his birthday, he died in 1995. The stream is like a commemoration of him. His show consisted of him making a canvas which lasts about half an hour. He just made random marks on a paper and you don’t think much about it at first but he manages to make it look very professional and he calls a random mark as “happy accidents.”

The Twitch viewers always typed “RUINED” in the chat when he did that, then when it looked good again, they typed “SAVED.” They even made memes for the guy. The stream is already over but there might be more. On the channel, there’s a timer as seen here, so there might play again when the timer is up. There’s still over five thousand people looking at the channel even though nothings going on so people are still hyped about it. Anyways the stream was pretty cool, I watched it for about half an hour and I was impressed by his work and I did get some nostalgia because I do remember watching a few episodes as a kid.

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