The first avenger. The man who started it all, way back in the day. You may remember Captain America. He started out as Steve Rogers, eager to serve his country. However, he was unable to do so at his condition at the time. You know the story. After the experiment, Steve Rogers was enhanced and ready to serve ! As he served, he quickly became known as Captain America. Sadly, in the action of war, we do lose friends and loved ones. Captain lost his close friend, Bucky. At least .. That’s what we thought. Later, in the sequel ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’, we found out that Bucky did not die. He’s alive ! And that is the whole basis of the sequel. Now! We still kind of follow that.

The government is after Bucky. Because of what he did while he had amnesia, they have reason to believe that he is a threat. But, Bucky being the close friend of Steve Rogers, gets defended. Captain America tries to side and protect Bucky Barnes from the government. Then, too add onto that, the government wants to monitor and have knowledge of the identities of all the heroes. They want to be able to control what they do heroically. Only because of all the damage they’ve done while “protecting” our planet. The government seems to think that if they control the Avengers, then they’ll be able to minimize the collateral damage. This causes some separation between the team. Tony Stark believes that they should be monitored and controlled by the government, but Captain America, however, believes that “The safest hands are still our own.” This disagreement causes everybody to choose sides and defend it. They begin a war within their own team, a Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit the theaters May 6th of this year. You know I will definitely be there to watch this movie. The expectations are high for this one. I’m so ready. Honestly, I’m super excited for the new members of the team, we’ll see how it goes!

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