pinch03At the beginning of the year Shafter High’s ceramic class started doing a pinch pot. You must let it first bone dry, after it was dry you get it graded, you wait a few weeks for the teacher to fire it, then you glaze your pinch pot, wait for the teacher to fire it again, and finally it’s done. A week later they started doing a slab. You are told to pick threemaxresdefault of your family members and three things that they do the most. You mix them together to create a symbol and draw it on your slab. Then you go through the process of drying it. Last week they finished doing coil vase. They got to pick any shape you wanted out of these options: coils, hearts, sticks, circles, coins, triangles, or you could make your ownimages (1) shape. This week they started using the Pottery Wheel where they were assigned to do a bowl, a mug, and a saucer. First you wedge the clay so it wont have air pockets because if it does when it’s being fired, it’ll break. After that you center the clay on the middle of the wheel and you start spinning it. You then bring the clay up into a cone and then you bring it down. After that, you put both of you fingers in the middle of it creating a hole and then you just pull it from the sides with one hand and the other on the outside so it won’t fall apart.

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