downloadDark Souls III actually came out last month but I had recently bought it. I didn’t play the first two, but I heard from my friends that they were extremely challenging, but you don’t need to play them to enjoy the third. This game is a 3rd person RPG (role playing game), where you can be one of many classes, like warrior, sorcerer and thief to name a few. I chose the warrior since it seemed basic and that’s what’s recommended for beginners.

It does seem pretty hard, but I had friends join me and we breezed through some areas. If the host player dies, that kicks out the other players, so they have to protect him and stuff. Players can also invade you, they have a red tint and don’t get attacked by the AIs or enemies. If you use a specific item though, they do get attacked and it becomes really inconvenient for them. I haven’t progressed far, but I can tell this will be a game I can enjoy with friends if there’s nothing else to do.

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