Original Story | Cnet
May 3, 2016
By Andrew Krok

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has been looking for merger opportunities to better streamline its costs while the company looks to new and interesting developments in the auto industry. If this latest claim is to be believed, FCA hasn’t exactly found a partner with which to merge, but it’s making one hell of an intriguing business move.

According to sources talking to Bloomberg, FCA and Google are partnering up to bring self-driving technology to the all-new Chrysler Pacifica minivan, which was unveiled this past winter. The technology could arrive on the Pacifica as early as this year, the sources claim.

While an official announcement is still forthcoming, and FCA didchryslerpacifica2017-04740 not immediately return a request for comment, this potential partnership will hopefully expand beyond minivans. FCA could use a strong autonomous backbone to help boost sales outside the truck market, where the company is currently printing most of its money.

The partnership would benefit Google, as well. Building a car isn’t exactly an exercise for the frugal, and while Google has plenty of cash to burn, offloading the whole “building a proper car” thing onto a company with experience in that field is a great idea to get its systems into cars quickly. Bloomberg notes that Google and GM tried to partner up earlier, but data ownership sent the two parties moving in different directions.

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