flowers for blehhIn this captivating story a mentally challenged man undergoes a risky procedure to gain intelligence. Having been the first human to receive said procedure, Charlie Gordon is tested along side a mouse named Algernon. Charlie is made to write in a journal of sorts to record the progress of the surgery. With the help of his friend Alice he begins to excel slowly, then voraciously. As Charlie becomes more intelligent he falls in love with Alice. Alice insists on keeping their relationship platonic.Alice however falls in love with Charlie as well. All the while Charlie slowly gains back childhood memories. Charlies recollections consist of his mother Rose beating him for not being a normal child.FLowers for bleh blehh blehhhThroughout the story Charlie discovers his old self while his intelligence regresses. Eventually Algernon dies and Charlie becomes consumed with conserving his knowledge. Charlies intelligence fully regresses and he returns to his hometown and the Bakery that had hired him while he was mentally disabled. The story ends with charlies last request to have his notes left on Algernons grave. This story is most definitely an amazing read for anyone who is looking for a heartfelt story that teaches you the value of life.

About The Author
Adriana Rios