There is going to be a trial day for the lawsuit a police officer is making towards the Bakersfield Police Department and two of its former officers. Hillary Bjorneboe is continuing to sue for about $6 million after she got sexually harassed by the other officers, which is a violation of the police procedures. The individual had graduated from the Bakersfield Law Enforcement Academy in August 2014. She was one of the few women that was in the class of 33 other officers. After seven months in the academy, she was terminated. She had said she felt really uncomfortable the first weeks of training when she was there because she would always get comments from the other men because she was a woman. They were making really harsh remarks to her, and talking about her sexuality. The lawsuit had stated that she had made a complaint to one of the sergeants but nothing ever happened. Nine days after her return, she was fired from her work because she didn’t pass her probation.

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