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May 2, 2016
By GameSpot Staff

Forza 6 Apex Edition, the first Forza game ever for PC, will arrive on Windows 10 machines on May 5, Microsoft announced today. That’s the day when the racing game’s open beta begins, not the full release.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft said the Apex Edition’s beta release, though an unfinished version of the game, will offer a “beautiful, high-quality experience” that can run on a “variety” of PCs.

Throughout the beta, developer Turn 10 will make an effort to improve Apex Edition’s performance “across a diverse selection of hardware setups.” The game’s system requirements can be seen in the chart below.25443647652_d316a01ff6_o

Features such as wheel support and the ability to disable Vsync will come later in the beta. Additionally, the developer will add an in-game frame-rate counter sometime after the initial beta release.

For more on the Apex Edition, check out this in-depth post at the Forza website.

In addition to the Apex Edition, another Forza game has been announced and will be properly unveiled at E3 2016. This game’s “cover car” is the Lamborghini Centenario, which isn’t available in the real world yet.

Additionally, Microsoft has confirmed that all future Forza games will be released on Xbox and PC.

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