The death of a 3 year old girl was a huge thing that was all over the news. Well now people have info that the foster parents are being held accounted for the death of Serenity Gandara. Carla Torres and Alberto Garcia were guilty of second degree murder in July when they brutally murdered the young girl. The jury had also said that there was willful cruelty to the child which they added on to the sentences of them to jail. They both got 25 years in jail and Garcia is facing a life term also. The penalty that they had had under eight resulting in the great way of the bodily injuries. After the couple were found not guilty to the juries they left to Mexico with their three kids after they had murdered Serenity. The kids were left with an aunt that had drug abuse problems. Which resulted with the kids having bruises all over their bodies and scars. He was being abused and prosecutors said that was the same beating that Serenity was getting from her foster parents. When Serenity died she had 22 injures in her head. They also found bruises all over her body that were months and months old. Later on in 2012 the couple were found and arrested for the murder trial and felony child abuse.

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