You may know Jason Bourne from past films, a man that is found floating in the ocean. This man is helped and brought on board the ship. While the gentleman that rescued him is treating Bourne, he finds a tiny metal piece in his back. Bourne later wakes up and realizes that he has no memories. He doesn’t even know who he is. But, the little metal piece turns on and projects an address onto the wall. After working on the ship for some time, he decides it’s time to head for land so he could try to find out who he is. Once he gets to the address, he finds that he left a box in a bank. This box contains the identity he goes by, Jason Bourne, along with money, passports, and a weapon. Not knowing what any of these things mean, Bourne sets out to find out who he is and where to go next with his life. In the process Bourne does get his memories back, he decides to leave that part of his life and disappear. However, he still has pieces of his past missing.

This time, Jason Bourne emerges from hiding once again. Now he’s coming for all his memories. He has most of them, but wants to be complete. You know his name. Just be careful, because he might give you a call and be watching you at the same time. Give him the answers he seeks. He’s coming. Jason Bourne.

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Valente De La Olla