jeff sarrattCelebrities are people, and people make mistakes.

However the difference celebs have is if they do in fact make a mistake the entire world sees it.

Now being arrested isn’t the most ideal way to get your picture taken but people seem to love it.

Many celebrities have been thrown or lightly shoved into the slammer for various reasons. jeff sarratt

Why bring out the skeletons of a celebrities ginormous closet you ask?

Well because its fun, now lets have a look at some honorable contestants.

Amanda Bynes: Oh Amanda where did the times go? It seems like it was just yesterday she was signed to Nickelodeon making children laugh, not drinking while driving and crashing into police cars. Honestly you’re supposed to avoid the cops not ram you’re BMW into their Crown Victoria.

Nelly: Its getting hot in here so get you’re orange jumpsuit on. This one hit wonder got thrown in jail in Tennessee for multiple drug charges and weapons in his tour bus. Really Nelly? why couldn’t you be like the other Nelly who makes songs about birds and flying?

Justin Bieber: It wasn’t too late to say sorry because now everyone likes him again. The “Where R U now” singer was arrested for DUI and drag racing, if only he drove better than he spells. But its all good now because he apologized several times, seriously the radio needs to play different songs every now and then. jeff sarratt

Lindsay Lohan: The queen of Six by Eight feet cells. Ms. Lohan has been arrested not once, not twice but a whopping Six times!! Now Lindsay hasn’t been just a “Mean girl” she’s been quite “The parent Trap” as well. Almost every arrest has been for driving under the influence, you’d think she’d be a better driver considering she was in a movie that was all about racing.

Now just because these celebrities have been arrested once or you know six times doesn’t make them a bad people.

It just proves that no matter who you are, you’re going to mess up which is okay. Well maybe not after the sixth time but you catch my drift.

Celebrities are people. People make mistakes, and some people write about these mistakes in their schools online newspaper.

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