Family and friends held a memorial for one of the children that had passed away from a murder that was not explainable. When the mother of Paz and her boyfriend had got into a fight, they just had enough and the boyfriend, Tony Santiago, was kicked out of their house. He collected all his clothes and headed for the car and while he was leaving, the little 9 year child got in the way of the backing up car and he was struck by the car. The mother had noticed that the car was going to hit him but the older brother who was standing near the mom at that point had noticed that she was going to jump towards the car to save her youngest child, the oldest child held her back and that was when the car got to the child. No one really knows if they should charge Tony with the murder of Justin Paz. Some say that it was murder and some other ones say that it was a accident. Well someone’s child lost their life so I think that they should be punished for what they did, whether it was an accident or not. No charges have come across Tony at this point, but I hope they do so the Paz family can sleep in peace and so can Justin.

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