With graduation right around the corner there is most likely going to be students that do not graduate sadly. Whether it’s from low grades that they never got all their credits or they didn’t turn in their textbooks that they owe. Well there is a positive thing coming from this this year from all the schools in the Kern County School District which include Delano High School, Taft High School, Wasco High School, Cesar E. Chavez High School, Valley High School, Arvin High School and our dearly beloved Shafter High School. These are just a couple of school in the Kern County District to name. Well graduation time is right around the corner and great news is coming. The California Department of Education said that the Kern County School District state graduation rate has hit 82.5. Delano High had the highest graduation rate out of all the schools with a graduation rate of 96.2. But Delano High School got there crown taken when Robert F. Kennedy High School said that their graduation rate is 98.2, wow that is very amazing. It takes a lot of work to graduate and a lot of time and everyone should be able to go through this amazing period of time so I hope that all the students of The Class Of 2016 graduate and get to experience n amazing part of their lives. Congratulations  CLASS OF 2016!!!!
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