20151014_193432-1On September 19, 2015 our fellow general Mrs.Stanley starred in a realty commercial for Scott Rivera. The said commercial aired on September 30, 2015, it was a thirty second advertisement but had taken three hours of recording time. Stanley had ” an exciting experience”  not only did she enjoy filming, she was familiar with her co-stars which made her feel comfortable. This wasn’t her first escapade with performance in front of a camera. Although Stanley has been a thespian for years, she says “I don’t think I would be able to do that sort of thing for a living” its more of a hobby for the devoted teacher.20151014_193816_HDR-1

The commercial features Stanley as a “nosy neighbor” trying to force her tuna casserole on her neighbors. The neighbors then decline her offer, because they hired Scott Rivera. Stanley proceeds to state the negative aspects of putting up a house for sale. The neighbors retort by stating “We hired Scott Rivera”. So if you haven’t seen this commercial check it out on YouTube and support our Preforming Arts instructor.

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