This years National Championship game was played by two of this years best teams
at The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona . On one side of the marlon-Humphrey-onside-kick-recoveryball you had Alabama who’s record this  season was an astonishing 13-1, with there only lost being against Ole Miss. Alabama is also home to the winner of the heisman trophy in 2015, Derrick Henry. On the other side you had the power house Clemson, which many considered the underdogs in this game even though the entire season they had gone undefeated. Most of the game was considered close with both teams trading blows at one another until the fourth Qt. where the game was 24-24, after Alabama had scored a field goal. Alabama was up on kick off looking for a spark they decide to go for an on side kick which was caught by Marlon Humphrey. After successfully scoring that drive Alabama would take the lead as well as keeping it with the game ending at 45-40.

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