Last Years College football season was full of ups and downs for every team. Now every fan is looking forward to the next season and what it awaits. The week one lineups have just been released for the PAC-12’s 2016 season. While week one wont determine who’ll be on top for the season it could show us who will have a hard journey throughout it.

USC vs. Alabama in Arlington, Texas, Sept. 3
UCLA at Texas A&M, Sept. 3
Stanford vs. Kansas State, Sept. 2
Colorado vs. Colorado State in Denver, Sept. 2
Oregon State at Minnesota. Sept. 1
Arizona vs. Brigham Young in Glendale, Arizona, Sept. 3
Washington vs. Rutgers, Sept. 3
Cal vs. Hawaii in Sydney, Australia, Aug. 26
Washington State vs. Eastern Washington, Sept. 3
Utah vs. Southern Utah, Sept. 1:
Arizona State vs. Northern Arizona, Sept. 3
Oregon vs. UC-Davis, Sept. 3

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