We all know the stories of little kids being kidnapped by strangers. They get lured away by strangers with candy and kidnap the child. Well this was one of those incidents, but no one gets kidnapped. In a Rosedale community there were two incidents that a strange man tried to lure girls to leave with him. Both of these incidents had happened roughly around the time of 3:00 through 4:00 p.m near the roads Old Farm Road and Noriega. What happened was a man had come up to two very different girls and started complementing them calling them beautiful and asking them if they were allowed to have older new friends. Luckily they were captured on the neighbor’s security camera. One of the mothers had said that her child had been approached by a man on Thursday and he had stated that he liked her backpack. He also asked what her name was and where she lived while continuing to follow her. On Friday a similar accident happened in the same neighborhood. A similar man had approached a girl and started asking very inappropriate questions which the girl already knew was wrong. Both of the families had said that it was a very scary thing for both of them. The BPD is looking into the incidents and have yet found any further information.

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Oscar Picos