Shafter High students have had to deal with the restrooms here on this campus, not to mention what our janitors have to go through to clean them. But perhaps a remodel of these bathrooms could very much be the key to solving this problem.

Shafter High Student Sergio Lopez, who is now a senior at Shafter High stated “The restrooms are never kept clean, and there are always long lines, and I think they should redo them.”

Although the janitors do a fine job cleaning and maintaining the school, it just becomes very difficult to clean and or repair multiple restrooms on a daily bases.


Many students that I have asked had mentioned that the cafeteria restrooms are very well designed and clean. Mostly due to the fact that they are newer and used a lot less then other restrooms on campus.

My good friend Juan, he would not let me disclose his full name, said that he had never even set foot in the restrooms here at Shafter High. He also stated he did not fell comfortable in these dark restrooms with broken stall doors.

Although i’m sure these restrooms were great in their prime, but after all these years these restrooms are due for an upgrade. Hopefully someone will notice this issue, and perhaps they’ll take it into consideration.

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Ethan Hathcock