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The Shafter High Band had a successful fundraiser selling the amazing Pork Sandwiches with a side of cole slaw, beans, and a chocolate chip cookie. Although a thunder storm was taking place, it did not stop them from taking out plates to the drive through. Several of the band students were there to help through the whole event. I could tell by the look on their faces that they were all having a great time helping deliver the plates to the cars. I myself had to had to place the meal in the bags. The band students all had a curtain task or job to do; it could have been putting meals together, putting them in a bag, receiving the orders, or delivering them to the customers in their cars. All the students had a great time supporting their band community. Also, thanks to the boosters that made this event possible. The boosters were also there to help cook and prepare the meals. They seemed to be having a great time doing what they were doing. The Shafter High Band fundraiser was a success and thanks to all the hungry customers.

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