With the recent release of sony’s newest mirrorlessĀ camera, the Sony a6300, which is the better choice to get? Both have Aps-c sized sensors, that are 24 Megapixels each, both have a range of 100ISO to 25,600ISO, and both can shoot 11 frames per second.Sony-Alpha-a6000-vs-Sony-Alpha-a6300-size-comparison Where things start to change are in the actual quality of the photos and videos, the a6300 seems to produce better colors in darker situations while the a6000 doesn’t do as well in the dark. It also seems to handle noise (Grain) better than the a6000. Also the a6300 can shoot at 4K while the sony a6000 can only shoot at 1080P which can be quite a difference in quality if a 4K monitor is used. Another advantage the a6300 has over the a6000 is that is has a microphone port so an external mic can be used for better sounding quality, with the a6000 the sound that the camera provides is what you get unless, audio is recorded separately then synced later in editing. There isn’t much of a big change in the 2 cameras, aside from a few things but are those things really worth the huge price difference? The a6300 retails for $1148 and the a6000 retails for $600.

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