The Flash. Green Arrow. Legends of Tomorrow. You may recognize these heroes and alliances. They all have one thing in common: they are all aired by The CW. The CW is a TV broadcasting network. Basically, they’re the company that runs and airs these shows. They’re great! I, myself personally, love what The CW’s doing with The Flash and Arrow. They are really great shows that caught my attention as soon as they came out. View ratings even confirm that The Flash grew on the audience and became very popular within the first season. Where am I getting at? The CW has added another super hero to their roster, and this addition isn’t your typical hero. When you think of super hero, you automatically think of a male, right? Well, this time, it’s a female. The CW is introducing Supergirl to the DC Television Universe.

Crossovers are like CW’s thing. The shows crossover within each other. For example, when The Flash just started, he was pretty much introduced with a crossover between him and Arrow. Barry and Oliver obviously became friends and helped each other with their problems that they had, which led to crossover episodes.┬áThen they both crossed into Legends of Tomorrow. Now, The Flash crossed into Supergirl, and then CW later announced that she would be joining the roster next Fall. Following that, Grant Gustin (The Flash), posted on instagram “So happy I get to see this one more and we all get to see more Supergirl. Welcome to CW.”

The Flash. Arrow. Legends of Tomorrow. And now, Supergirl. Get ready. We have speed, arrows, a mixture of other abilities, and now a woman of steel.

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