The 99 is now back in Bakersfield for eight more days. It is an inspiring 45 minute experience I strongly encourage everyone to go to. It includes a series of rooms showing you how the actions of others can affect another, then leading you into the story about how Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for all of us. It is really spiritual yet interesting. There are nine different rooms that each hold unique morals. Room one is where the spiritual guide is introduced. He then guides you to room two. Room two shows a family of four that was killed in a car accident due to a driver of another car texting behind the wheel. Due to the drivers careless actions, an innocent families life was taken. You are then led to room three where you get to witness a house full of people who are hyped on drugs, and you see how easily drugs can kill someone or harm those who are around it. Room four shows a young girl who makes a video prior to her committing suicide. Words and actions can dramatically affect a person. Room five is a mine where you witness the evil spirits pulling the innocent people into hell. Room six is hell and shows how evil it is in there. A light then appears and the spiritual guide tells you to follow the light, which leads you to room seven. In room seven we are able to witness Jesus being whipped. He is then forced to drag the cross to the next room. As we follow we are then led to the eighth room where we see Jesus on the cross. Lastly we are led to the last room. In the ninth room we watch an emotional video that shows a real life event and compares it to how God gave up his only son just for all of us. Like I said before, there are only eight days left. The 99 is located at the Big Red Tent at the former Golden State Mall, 3201 F. Street. The remaining dates are October 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30 from 7pm-10pm. It is $13 for entrance but coupons can be printed at the official site ( that allow you to enter for only $3. However, the real question is, will you survive the 99?


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Cheyenne Malhi Hello! My name is Cheyenne Rose Malhi. This is my first year in journalism and sadly my last because I am a senior this year! On my free time I love to travel, preferably to the beach, but I do enjoy many other places as well. I really hope you enjoy the stories I put together this year!