junglebooktriptych3The Jungle has had a lot of good reviews since the day it came out. The release date was on April 15, 2016. Almost everyone was excited to watch it! Many of them got the chance too see it and give back good reviews. For example, two of my fellow classmates had great comments about it! They said, “It was cool how everything looked and the dedication the director put into it!” The two students were pleased with it. They highly recommend it to others and especially if you have younger siblings. The movie overall was worth it ! Nothing, but great reviews.


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Dulce Aldaco Hi! My name is Dulce Aldaco I am currently a senior in Shafter high. I was born in Bakersfield, Ca and raised in Shafter, Ca. My co-curricular activities I do in school besides The Commander are; Relay for life, key club, and the Best Friends Club. My hobbies are writing and reading. My topic in the commander is Entertainment I will be giving you the hot new topics from social media to the New hits!