Wasco has been Shafter’s rival since your grandparents, parents, and even some of your teachers that  graduated from Shafter High. Shafter and Wasco go against each other every year at the beginning of November. The location alternates every year, and this year it’s at Shafter. It’s the biggest football game of the year that everyone looks forward to. On the week of Shafter/Wasco week, we show our school pride by having activities in school and dress up day’s that our fellow ASB leaders come up with. Our activities always consist of having a night rally on the Wednesday before the game’s on Thursday and Friday. At the night rally, we burn a fake piñata tiger, and also have a rally on Friday morning to show the “tigers” that Shafter High has the most spirit and are determined to win the game!



About The Author
Dulce Aldaco Hi! My name is Dulce Aldaco I am currently a senior in Shafter high. I was born in Bakersfield, Ca and raised in Shafter, Ca. My co-curricular activities I do in school besides The Commander are; Relay for life, key club, and the Best Friends Club. My hobbies are writing and reading. My topic in the commander is Entertainment I will be giving you the hot new topics from social media to the New hits!