Lip Sync Battle on January 18, 2015 with Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson.

Spike TV’s new hit show “Lip Sync Battle” hosted by LL Cool J. Is the most entertaining and hilarious show that is out right now, no offense Family Guy. The concept of this hilarious show is, Two celebrity’s lip sync battle to popular songs that range from Beyoncé to Aerosmith.
These celebrity’s can dress up and go all out. May the best man (or woman) win. The idea of this hilarious show originally came from a segment in  “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. The first episode aired with an amazing lip sync performance by Jimmy Fallon and a equally as amazing performance with no one other than Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The Show has continued and is gathering more viewers every episode.Channing-Tatum-Beyonce-Lip-Sync-Battle The most popular episode out right now has to be the 1st episode of the second season starring Channing Tatum VS Jenna Dewan Tatum. Channing lip-synced to Frozen while his wife Jenna lip synced Ginwine’s popular song “Pony” all the while dancing a perfect choreography of Channing’s character in “Magic Mike”. Now with a performance like Jenna’s you would think she won by a long shot. Wrong, Channing did the unthinkable, the almost impossible!!He Lip-synced to Beyoncé’s hit song “Run the World” while dressed up as Queen B. As he already had the crowd and his wife in a fit of laughter all their jaws dropped when Beyoncé came out and actually started singing along to her song. This show is a great one and if you haven’t already watched it you definitely should, new episodes are every Week on Spike be sure to tune in.


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